Friday, May 11, 2012

Children & Young People's Activities in Czech

Children & Young People's Activities in Czech

In Prague we did a beautiful class with young children introducing them to the Buddha's teachings.

Bhikkuni Visuddhi taught them some Buddhist chanting..taking refuge..and 5 precepts and then we read about Buddha's life..
Afterwards we had a short discussion about it with the children.  Afterwards the small ones went to play for a while, whilst Bhikkuni taught the teenagers meanwhile...
After some time we all gathered together again and shared what we learnt.
We also sang some dhamma songs together with great joy.
In Bhikkuni Visuddhi's Arama in Czech she has similar programmes...and also read Jatakas (stories about the Buddha's life).... She says: "I put lot of effort to help to improve their morality. They also learn chants, I teach them meditation, give them now they have to write what they think is suffering and what is the suffering for them for our next meeting.
When the mommies are here with the kids then I teach them all...also how to behave, how to eat, talk to people etc..because young kids are really without control. And the smallest one's love meditation and chanting..especialy the "Lama Chenno" chanting from some masters' singing praises to Buddha."

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