Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Suriya Lamai

A Report about Venerable Bhikhunī Visuddhi and her Activities in the Project Suriya Lamai 

Main projects of support during 2014: Last year Suriya Lamai supported Sakyadhita centre at Sri Lanka, which helps poor children and families in poverty and also two little boys suffering from Duchenne disease – Theodor and Oscar. 

Karuā Sevena supported the project Suriya Lamai the Training and Meditation Centre Sakyadhita lead by the Buddhist Nuns at Sri Lanka again this year. They are currently running several projects which include: organising a Dhamma School for children, educating older girls and pregnant women, and offering help to families in poverty.  They are also organizing regular meditation meetings for adults, and in particular organising the very necessary and urgent charity help in Sri Lankan areas which were stricken by natural disasters. Read more...

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