Monday, December 21, 2015

Dear friends,

we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2016. Thank you for your continuing support of venerable Visuddhi and the Association Karunā Sevena, that takes care of Bh. Visuddhi. We fully realize that without you, this all would not be possible. We are glad to have you and we appreciate that you are supporting us even in such challenging times. Please don’t stop! The fact, that Bh. Visuddhi can be with us here, in the Czech Republic, in Europe, is a real gift and means safety for many of us. We often forget, what's important in life. Therefore, it is so good to have a representative of the Sangha, the monastic community, who can remind us of that.

The construction of the meditation room is progressing well. The rough structure of the shrine has been completed, as well as windows. A roof is insulated and covered, just in time before it started raining! After the New Year’s, we expect to finish the roof and start working on the interior :-) If all goes well, the anticipated completion would be in the spring or summer next year. We have prepared a short video of the construction process for you.

What is needed now, is to help buy equipment and furniture for the newly created spaces. If someone kindly decides to contribute an amount for a certain item, please let us know the purpose of the payment.

To make this process easier, we made a list of what is needed. Please do not buy things without prior agreement! Thank you.

    · kitchen – new fitted kitchen, cooking stove, fridge and pots and pans
    · guest rooms - 4 dressers, 4 bedside table
    · meditation mats and meditation cushions
    · built-in cabinets for books, the storage area and meditation cushions

As for venerable Visuddhi, she is sending her warm greetings to all of you. Her health is already much better, despite the demanding nature of the reconstruction, she is handling it very well. Bh. Visuddhi is already looking forward to the completion and how the monastery will again operate fully with a program for you, the meditators.

Thanks again to all of you, who contributed financially to cover a medicine for Bh. Visuddhi, cared for her during her illness and who are looking after her even now, during the construction. We want to thank also to all of the others, who in any way helped us this year.

We wish you, therefore, once again a nice Christmas and we will contact you again after the New Year.

May the Triple gem protect you.

President of Karunā Sevena
Ing. Ivona Mollberg, MBA

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