Thursday, December 22, 2016

Muditā - Sharing Joy

Dear friends,

we wish you wonderful and peaceful holidays! May your lives are protected by the Triple Gem.

We have exciting news for you. Everything has taken longer than expected but we are getting to a successful closing and this week, we are taking over the neighboring house, Viveka. This brings about better conditions and a dwelling place for you – visitors and lay practitioners! We are very happy that we succeeded in our intention and we are delighted that everything came together so well this year and this is mainly thanks to Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi The Trust Society Karuna Sevena and thanks to you! We appreciate you, our donors and supporters once again, we could not  make this happen without you.

Viveka is available now and this means there is a possibility of accommodation and retreat in seclusion for you. If anybody wishes to spend his Christmas holidays practicing in the ārāma, helping us clean up and making Viveka comfortable for mediators, you are welcome in the following dates, 25th December – 1st January, 2017. Please bring your own sleeping bags, sheets, towels and personal basics.

On 21st January, 2017, we would like to start up a program open to the public – bhikkhunī Visuddhi’s evening Dhamma desanā which will take place every 14 days at 6 pm. This Dhamma talk would be systematic and would be in accordance with all-day meditation practice in ārāma.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity for beginners or those who had not practiced with bhikkhunī Visuddhi and are interested in a meditation seclusion in ārāma, to attend a weekend meditation retreat for beginners that will take place in March. The dates are 10th –12th March, 2017. You can already send in your applications.

Those interested in an interview with bhikkhunī Visuddhi, can arrange a meeting every Friday, Saturday or Sunday each weekend. Throughout the week, bhikkhunī engages in her own practice and is busy with translations, public talks and organizational matters. Otherwise, it is possible to come practice to the ārāma after the New Year in the dates of your own choice – by prior arrangement through email – after having done at least alone weekend meditation retreat and making a commitment to abide by the TERMS ANDCONDITIONS OF STAY IN ĀRĀMA and DAILY PROGRAMME AND SCHEDULE. You can also find here recommended contributions for covering costs of stay (they do not include dāna for bhikkhunī Visuddhi.

Currently, we need your help in setting up Viveka, cleaning and painting and furnishing. Because of great generosity of previous owners, electronic appliances, such as washing machine, a dish washer, air conditioners were left in Viveka for our use. We need some basic things, and your help in purchasing following: kitchen equipment (pots and pans), cleaning supplies, mattresses for meditators or contributions for beds, covering small plumbing costs, we need to fix two big holes in the sidings of Viveka (after a car accident), to buy a paint for the house coating. It is possible to come for voluntary work weekends 6.-8. January and 13.-15. January 2017, or other weekends or weekdays after prior arrangements. Please let us know if you are coming on our email. The sooner we will be able to prepare Viveka for visitors and mediators, the sooner will our beautiful ārāma be up and running!

The Trust Society Karuna Sevena has taken on a mortgage on Viveka so if there is anybody, who would be willing to help us pay the mortgage off and support us, please contact us. Here is our fundraising website. We are also looking for donors who could make a contribution for the reconstruction of Viveka. We warmly welcome your support and help of any kind. Some people can contribute financially, others through offering voluntary work, cleaning, cooking. The act of generosity is not measured by the figures but our intentions.

Have a nice day, may the New year 2017 bring better conditions for all of us!

President of Karuṇā Sevena
Ing. Ivona Mollberg, MBA

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