Wednesday, September 6, 2017

We are searching for regular donors to support ārāma Karuṇā Sevena

Dear friends,

I address you on behalf of Trust Society Karuna Sevena, whose main objective is to support the access to the Dhamma teaching to practitioners in the Central Europe and to provide assistance for the life and practice of Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi in the Czech Republic.

Ārāma (monastic dwelling) Karuṇā Sevena and a adjacent house for lay practiseners Viveka have been splendidly restored and renovated and an uneasy task set by the Trust Society Karuna Sevena was carried out with success. We believe that we took this challenging project on very well, and together with volunteers, we have made ārāma thrive. We have adjusted it to suit the needs of practitioners interested in a serious meditation practice and created a quiet meditation space that is very hard to find in the present world. Nonetheless, without you and your support, the life of the ārāma and venerable Visuddhi’s stay in the Czech Republic may soon cease, unfortunately. The future existence of the ārāma is reliant on whether we are able to gather sufficient financial support regularly to keep it going, or not. Currently only a small number of groups or individuals make a regular or one-off contribution, that way venerable Visuddhi is able to reside in the Czech Republic.

The minimum amount that we need to secure monthly on energies and water in both ārāma and Viveka, mortgage for Viveka, venerable’s health insurance, medical and travel expenses, and daily living is 2,000 EUR. Unfortunately, at the moment, the support is less than half of the proposed amount. If you are interested in supporting our cause, please, kindly consider your options and make a regular or one-time donation to support the life of venerable Visuddhi in the Czech republic. Let’s allow a person whose vocation is to help others, cultivate loving-kindness and practice Dhamma, stay with us. If venerable Visuddhi is of great importance to you as it is to us – the committee, members and volunteers of Trust Society Karuna Sevena – please support us.

Any contribution counts 
We greatly appreciate your generosity and understanding of the consequences that your contribution will make. Send your regular monthly donation of 5 EUR, 10 EUR, 25 EUR, 50 EUR, 100 EUR or more - to the following bank account to support projects and activities of Karuna Sevena (state „For Trust Society Karuna Sevena“ in the payment note):
Bank Account number: 6855679001/5500, IBAN: CZ495500000000685567900, 
SWIFT: RZBCCZPP6855804001/5500.

If you want to be mentioned as a donor on our web page and in the thank-you letter we send annually, please state your name when sending your donation. There is also a possibility for you to share your personal experience and what it means to you that a bhikkhunī resides in the Czech Republic, the way she might inspire you leading a holy life, her kind and compassionate heart and development of loving-kindness. Send your email to: Written contributions will be published in the upcoming article on our webpage. If you would like to invite venerable Visuddhi to a public Dhamma talk once the vassa (reain retreat period) ends at the end of October (for example to elementary, high school or university students, or those interested in Buddha‘s teaching), please write your request to

We will keep you updated on the venerable Visuddhi’s programme on our website Karuṇā Sevena.
You can read here about the Bases of Meritorious Action and a Dakkhiṇāvibhanga Sutta on generosity, where Buddha talks about how the good deeds bring out good outcomes in the present life or in the lives to come. For those of us who do not meditate so much this could be a step in the right direction towards doing good in life and cultivating generosity.

Thank you for your support and sharing.

Ivona, The Trust Society Karuna Sevena


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